NJA 2023 - Designer Award

Hand Sketch/ CAD

Indian Jewellery - Embracing Heritage & Redefining Artistry

This captivating theme celebrates the duality of Indian jewellery, where traditional designs embrace the inclusiveness and celebrate the diversity that exists within the country. Join us on a journey through the elegance of the past and the audacity of the present, as we explore the enduring beauty of Indian jewellery, where heritage and artistry converge. Fusion pieces that combine traditional and modern elements became, symbolizing India's ability to maintain its cultural roots while embracing change.

This category is to acknowledge Hand Sketch and CAD Jewellery designs based on the design aesthetics, finesse and proportion. The participant can submit only one design for the category, multiple entries of same or different design will not be accepted. Winners of past editions cannot participate in the awards with the same jewellery design.

The following evaluation criteria to be used to determine the winner :

  • Design aesthetics
  • Uniqueness of the design
  • Wearability of design


Application Fee: Rs. 1500 Apply

Eligibility Criteria