NJA 2022 - Excellence Award

Categories under this Segment :

Promotional Campaign of the year

  • The entries submitted under this category should be an advertising/promotional campaign for a jewellery store/brand either in print or audio/visual or digital mediums such as newspapers, magazine, television, radio, website/ app, Facebook, Instagram, Influencer marketing, etc. (Creative & media agencies cannot apply for the awards under this category, application has to be by the jewellery brand or retail store only)
  • The campaign idea should be innovative and unique, and campaign should clearly highlight its - objective, execution strategy, its impact and results budget vs actual cost analysis etc.
  • The campaign should effectively demonstrate the medium used and how it helped them to increase the sales
  • The campaign must have been launched during the period April 01, 2021 to March 31, 2022.
GJC Member Application Fee: Rs. 7500 Apply
GJC Non-Member Application Fee: Rs. 10500 Apply

Eligibility Criteria

  • Please fill a separate form for each campaign/promotion
  • The participant can submit multiple application forms for same category or separate categories provided the campaign/ promotion submitted is different. If multiple entry forms are received for same campaign/promotion/ then only one form will be considered, and others will be disqualified
  • Winners of past editions cannot participate in the awards with the same campaign/ promotional activity
  • On completion of the application, the participant must sign off the Declaration. Unauthorized forms can be disqualified based on the Awards management discretion
  • In case the information provided in the application form is found to be untrue, the entry will stand disqualified and the participant will be blacklisted from the NJA awards subject to the management’s discretion
  • In case of any queries relating to the application form or participation in the awards please contact Anup Koli on +91 8433989680 or 022-67381100 or 022-67382700 or email on nja@gjc.org.in

For detailed Terms & Conditions and Brochure, please visit www.gjc.org.in