GJC is a Federation that unites manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and exporters all over India for a common interest which leads to the welfare of the Gems and Jewellery Industry.

In its endeavor to stimulate industry growth GJC brings the ultimate platform to inspire and recognize true talent, the National Jewellery Awards (NJA), to its valued members and associates. Nurturing creativity and honoring innovation, inspiration, passion, craft and devotion that inspires the flair for new talent is the core objective of NJA.

The immense success and recognition of NJA Awards in the industry have determined the 4 innings of NJA to emphasize on brilliant aspects catering to every vital section of the industry. NJA is not a reserved body or an assortment of panel which does not comprehend every level of the pyramid; it is industry’s recognition by the industry, from the industry to the industry.

Given the prestige and credibility that GJC commands in the Gems and Jewellery Industry, an NJA Awards are most prestigious and a major achievement since its recognition is by the industry, from the industry to the industry.

Objective of NJA

The National Jewellery Awards serves to connect with the National Gems and Jewellery communities which further emphasize and support the upcoming talent in national destinations and communities. It promotes & motivates the traditional essence of Indian culture in the form of jewellery through the craft, inspiration, passion, devotion, enthusiasm and innovative spirit of the jewellers in the industry.

Benefit to Participants

NJA offers an opportunity to get recognized on a National level in the jewellery industry. It helps in building a sustainable imagery within the industry as well as to the direct customers at large. NJA contributes in enhancing the knowledge of individuals with the latest trends and fashion of the Industry. NJA indirectly helps encourage one’s competence in terms of designs and trends of the industry. We provide with an opportunity to showcase one’s talent in the industry. NJA provides with an opportunity to showcase one’s talent and open’s up an untapped business opportunity for participants in the industry.

NJA Categories

The National Jewellery Awards will be given in 25 categories across 8 different segments. Each category has a timeline along with its very own intensive assessment process to recognize and reward the winner in the most appropriate manner that will propel the growth and provide opportunities that one rightfully deserves.