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Preferred Manufacturer of India (PMI)

The PMI programme is GJC’s exclusive B2B marketing platform for Manufacturers & Wholesalers, providing 360° solutions to participants by fulfilling several business objectives, including enhancement of the brand’s image and expansion of market share by establishing and reinforcing business relationships with prominent retailers of India. The platform enables businesses to focus on increasing profitability by offering them a competitive advantage, save time as well as reduce marketing and promotional costs.

PMI participants over the course of the programme duration have the opportunity to engage with some of the leading retailers from across the country. Select retailers are invited to these exclusive shows and are hand-picked to ensure best matching of buyer-seller profiles with the aim to ensure successful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Retailers visiting the shows comprise business owners and heads of multi-stores brands/ jewellery houses and chain stores from urban cities and towns ensuring maximum exposure for participating brands in and across major metropolitan cities in India. The regional meets also include Jewellery retailers from the respective zones and comprise business owners of mainly large single stores and multi store formats from 2 and 3 tier cities and towns.

PMI programmes are held in select cities and towns that have been especially chosen with the objective of filling in the gaps between the manufacturers/ wholesalers and retailers demand and supply needs. The programme allows for retailers from the various regions to visit the show and conduct close business interactions with the manufacturers within the privacy of dedicated closed door cabins.

The PMI participants comprise the country’s leading manufacturers of Gold, Diamond, Studded Jewellery and more and are renowned for the quality and range of products as well as innovation and exclusive designs. As the Preferred Manufacturer of India, the manufacturers also offer retailers with immaculate service levels besides product distinction.

For more information, contact : agm_marcom@gjc.org.in